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Melkyre is the Queen of the country Salvatore, on the continent Strappato. To many of her

Queen Melkyre





Stance on War

Wants to See It Over; wants her people to stop suffering


Tends to dress simplistically; loathes frills; is a warrior at heart; tends to think more of the bigger picture rather than the small things (a flaw and a strength)

subjects, she is known as 'Melly the Robot Queen'. Some do this as a sign of disrespect; and some do this as a sort of joke about their seemingly perfect queen. While she is a good queen, and she governs one of the most independent and hard-to-control realms on the continent of Strappato, she is seen as a tyrant to some, and a savior to others.

Her country is split in half. Some are rooting for their queen; others are rooting for her demise.

She does, however, simply want what's best for her people, although she, at times, finds it hard to show that.

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She is first introduced in Chapter Two, with her advisor Lady Snowing Ice.