The kingdom Salvatore is on the continent of Strappato, and is governed by the Queen Melkyre. It is currently engaged in a war between the The Western Atlantic, Speranza, and Nirvana. This is the most prosperous of the kingdoms. It is rivaled most by Nirvana.

Citizens and LeadershipEdit

Salvatore has been govered by members of Queen Melkyre's family for hundreds of years. Its citizens are people who specialize in walks of all trade; but Salvatore is best known for the warrior class that it breeds.

The citizens of Salvatore seem to be in a constant battle between supporting their Queen and wishing for a change of power.

Because of the proseperity of the country and the amount of independence that Melly the 'Robot Queen' had always allowed, citizens are accoustomed to speaking their minds; and this was allowed. But plotting against the Queen, as always, was a crime punishable by death.


Queen Melkyre

Lady Snowing Ice