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The kingdom of Speranza was founded 200 years prior to the beginning of the story by Lectin, a former citizen of The Western Atlantic Kingdom. Speranza isn't neccessarily a kingdom at all; although it does have its own government, with Lectin at the top of the monarchy. Speranza homes the Mercenary Guild.

Citizens and LeadershipEdit

The 'citizens' of Speranza aren't citizens at all; they're employees of their leader, Lectin; they are contract killers.

But these mercenaries see themselves as more than that; they are a band of brothers (or sister[s], in Inq's case). This was the one place that allowed them to be whoever they wanted to be, the home that they'd been denied in whatever kingdom they'd left behind.

Ironically enough, these contract killers in Speranza were some of the happiest people in all of Strappato.



Jon (2nd in Command)




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