Western Atlantic

The Western Atlantic Kingdom

The Western Atlantic Kingdom is run by Queen Coffee Beans and her court.

They are the known artistic center of Strappato, much like how Queen Melkyre is the center of military prowess.

Citizens and LeadershipEdit

The Western Atlantic flourished under the rule of Queen Coffee's parents. Perhaps this was because Coffee's fatherwas dedicated to matters of the state, while her mother spent her time appreciating the arts that many of the citizens in the Western Atlantic Kingdom were known for. There was a healthy balance between the amont of responsibility delegated to the arts and the government.

When Queen Coffee took rule, however, that power balance was tipped. In the years that she has been ruling, Coffee allowed her people to suffer, prefering her own grandeur and stylish living to both the arts and matters of the state. Though she meant the best, and she tried to do well by her people, she was naive and young.

Her citizens knew that she tried, and they knew that she was just ignorant; they wanted her to be a better queen, but until the day came when she would become the Queen that they needed, there would be no respect. They lovingly (or disrespectfully, depending on the citizen) called her 'Lady Fee' or 'Princess', not even bothering to refer to her as a Queen.


Queen Coffee